Gems blog will be appearing on IG this upcoming May

Hey Gems…. it’s been a few months since I last blogged. However the show must go on. I will be blogging very soon & the exciting news is that Gems will have an interesting and unique page on IG. I will update you guys on the exact date in May very soon!! Let’s start Spring off right 😘 we have some great things to share.


Psa: Gems

Hello Gems….. I will continue blogging this upcoming March. I'm currently working on finishing up my poetry book and a few other things . However when I began blogging again I will create an IG page for a larger audience and more creative topics. Please continue to join me on this wild beautiful journey of writing and life.📝💎 Xoxo

A Rose for Me….

Holding a long stem rose close to my cheek
This was not the time to become weak
Sleepless in Seattle
Wondering who sent me this rose
I haven't spoken to anyone in weeks
I just needed time to think
I wrote all my desires down to God
I know he heard and read every word
Unfortunately every time I took one step
Forward I was pushed back two more
It got to the point where I was scared to even tip toe
Trying to erase past pain and hurt
Restarting my life with hope
I wanted to bounce back in one piece
Just to do it for me
Life was feeling like a puzzle
I couldn't find every piece
Sitting in coffee shops with strangers
People I wasn't dying to meet
Hearing my old songs every day around 3
Getting back to where I belong this apartment I called home to me
I dreamed of a wedding dress
With someone waiting for me
Sadly I woke up ….
I received a rose
Who let me smell the flowers
Someone who cares
Who let me smell the flowers…
someone who couldn't be there🌹

A poem for my Gems💎

I think I create some of my best writing and work at night…………stay tuned for some new writing 💙

Birth Your Dream…

4am chronicles… I haven't posted a blog in over a month. Hello Gems… let's get into why I titled this blog "Birth Your Dream" Many of us have been carrying our dreams and goals for a while now and that's all it has become. A dream and a goal that you haven't put any effort, work or faith into. When a woman is in her 9th month of pregnancy, it is time to deliver. Is it time for you to birth your dream and goals?? How long have you been carrying them?? Bring your goals into fruition gems….. never rush or speed the process but keep in mind soon you will have to birth them💎

Yes it matters…..

Hey Gems…. I haven't blogged in awhile but I'm still here, getting through this roller coaster ride. I just wanted to say that positive energy matters. Have you ever been around a person or group of people and the vibes are so strong & genuine you could just feel it even after you all part ways?? Well I felt like that this past weekend. There was nothing but lifted spirits, laughter, smiles, hugs & genuine conversation. I understand in life we will all have moments that seem rough or difficult to even be around others but when you can enjoy the presence of others with no questions it makes the moments worthwhile. Gems keep a joyful presence and good vibes in your space. It's healthy it's important 💎

“To know me, is to love me”

I know that line is very cliche lol…….but it's totally relatable to many. Do you ever feel like some days you're all over the place? You have your moody days, lazy days, strong days, goofy days and so much more days with different emotions lol. However throughout those days your heart is genuinely pure and you love deep and true even when life may be difficult at times and things may not be going the way you planned it. Somewhere deep down you're elated that there are some people who know you, and simply for that reason they LOVE♥️YOU💋……………… I feel like that some days, how about you??

There is Power in Prayer ♥️

Do you feel like you pray enough?? Do you feel like prayer keeps you balanced through out your day? Why do you pray? You should ask yourself these questions…. prayer is not only important it's POWERFUL. As a Christian who is not perfect (myself) I strive each day to excel in my prayer life. If I have to pray in my bed, while I'm walking, sitting or just amongst others I will do so because it's a PRIORITY in my everyday life💋 I'll be doing a part 2 as to why prayer is powerful next week and I will elaborate more……..stay tuned💎


As I'm sitting here in the car the word patience started to run across my mind. Should we all know how imperative patience is?? Yes we should, but are we all willing to wait patiently for things ?? Honestly not all the time. We become so eager for the things we pray for and even if it's just standing in a grocery store line(We just can't wait!!). We feel as though we should have things when we're ready for them at the drop of a dime. Sorry to rain on the parade but life just doesn't work that way my gems. What are some of the things that you do in the "waiting process?" 💎💎💎 By the way I'm working on patience 😘