“To know me, is to love me”

I know that line is very cliche lol…….but it's totally relatable to many. Do you ever feel like some days you're all over the place? You have your moody days, lazy days, strong days, goofy days and so much more days with different emotions lol. However throughout those days your heart is genuinely pure and you love deep and true even when life may be difficult at times and things may not be going the way you planned it. Somewhere deep down you're elated that there are some people who know you, and simply for that reason they LOVE♥️YOU💋……………… I feel like that some days, how about you??

There is Power in Prayer β™₯️

Do you feel like you pray enough?? Do you feel like prayer keeps you balanced through out your day? Why do you pray? You should ask yourself these questions…. prayer is not only important it's POWERFUL. As a Christian who is not perfect (myself) I strive each day to excel in my prayer life. If I have to pray in my bed, while I'm walking, sitting or just amongst others I will do so because it's a PRIORITY in my everyday life💋 I'll be doing a part 2 as to why prayer is powerful next week and I will elaborate more……..stay tuned💎


As I'm sitting here in the car the word patience started to run across my mind. Should we all know how imperative patience is?? Yes we should, but are we all willing to wait patiently for things ?? Honestly not all the time. We become so eager for the things we pray for and even if it's just standing in a grocery store line(We just can't wait!!). We feel as though we should have things when we're ready for them at the drop of a dime. Sorry to rain on the parade but life just doesn't work that way my gems. What are some of the things that you do in the "waiting process?" 💎💎💎 By the way I'm working on patience 😘


Hello to all my beautiful gems….. some of you may be wondering "Why is her blog site named "From one GEM to Another?" "Why did she use gems?" Well guess what?? This is what I'll be explaining to you today lol. A Gem is something prized especially for great beauty or perfection. In my eyes all women are gems. That's right I said ALL !! No matter what our past looked like, no matter the mistakes, the parts of our life we may be to embarrassed to share or etc. We are Gems because one way or another we overcame or we are currently overcoming pain and rough obstacles. These challenges have made us who we are today. Hey being a Gem is no where near EASY, however with all things you've endured you have came out cut and polished ready to conquer the journey!! So what makes you the Gem that you are today??!!💎💎💎

What are some of the things that you enjoy that brings forth peace during your “Me Time??”

We as women enjoy our alone time, it's like the best thing next to a shopping spree and our favorite food lol. Ok so seriously what activities bring you peace when you're by yourself?? Do you like mediating, reading, journaling, walking in the park, listening to music, writing … etc?? If I haven't mentioned any of your favorite me time hobbies then what are they , why do they bring you peace and why do you enjoy them??!!! 😘 Comment and share thanks.

New Month..New Goals😊

As we all know, today is August 1, 2017. If you are anything like me then you're Excited about new months because it's like a fresh start!! Who doesn't like fresh starts!!?? We all need time to rejuvenate and set our minds to new tasks and also break old habits . I'm writing to you all today to remind you to not give up, stay focused, encouraged and to step out on FAITH. There are 31 days in this month!! What will you do to make this a memorable and thrilling month?? How will you help support others?? How will you bring your goals into fruition?? Think and PRAY about it. You got this!!! Hey don't forget to leave a comment to the few questions prior to the ending of this post!!♥️

First blog post

Greetings to all my awesome bloggers!! This is my very first blog, (I'm new to the community lol) I hope to implement an environment for women who are eager to empower other women with substantial issues. We can share stories on goals, relationships, health care, spirituality, careers, family, music entertainment and overall becoming a phenomenal example to women all over!!!! This blog is all about women empowerment and all of you are Gems in my eyes!!


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